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Welcome to LicenseMyFace, where the future of advertising comes alive. Our platform connects businesses and marketing teams with models, influencers, and celebrities, creating opportunities for unforgettable, cost-effective ad campaigns. Gone are the days when you needed a Hollywood budget to feature a famous face in your commercial. With LicenseMyFace, you can seamlessly integrate a recognizable face into your video using cutting-edge AI face-swap technology. It’s impactful, it’s affordable, and it’s the future of advertising.

AI-Powered Ads with a Personal Touch

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A New Era of Advertising


Find the next face for your brand


Charge up your ads with a AI Face Swaps


Capitalise on your brand. Increase your reach.


Showcase your models to businesses worldwide​

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Looking for the next face of your brand?

With LicenseMyFace, you have the power to captivate audiences with familiar faces. Browse through our extensive catalogue of models and celebrities. Transform your advertising. Achieve more with less.

Think you can be the face of an AI Video?

Join a new wave of easy and profitable collaborations. Our platform allows you to connect with businesses worldwide, expanding your reach and revenue with minimal effort. Share your unique charm. Earn with ease.